Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Faruque Ahmed’s Communication with the ACMA

Faruque Ahmed
Mobile: 041 091 4118

Ms. Eileen Haley
Assistant Manager, Investigation Section
Australian Communications and Media Authority
Level 15, Tower 1, Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street
T +61 2 9334 7700, 1800 226 667, F +61 2 9334 7799

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your file reference: ACMA2009/8 C19648

Dear Ms. Haley

I have followed your advice and I have written to the 2UE station manager as required by the law. It appears to me, the station manger is more prejudicial than Jim Ball of that establishment! May be it is the station policy to incite against the Muslims and the Arabs based on obscure, false and fabricated information as well as not to report anything regarding Islam and the Arabs truthfully and accurately!!

Point of Contention # 1

Jim Ball of radio 2UE allowed a male caller to claim, “…it is written in Qur-an that the Jews are the children of apes and pigs …”, this was at approximately 12.37 am, 12th of August 2009 (and I am paraphrasing). Jim also agreed with him. He did so with excitement and he made further comments which added more fuel to the fire, he said, “That’s right, it is written in the Qur-an …” (.and again I am paraphrasing).

I then managed to contact his producer and with some difficulty. I then requested him to pass my message to Jim that:
1. He must let me know in which part of the Qur-an it says, “The Jews are children of apes and pigs”?
2. Should he fail to broadcast the source mentioned above, that he claimed was drawn from the Qur-an, then he must broadcast an apology for inciting hate against Muslims of many ethnic backgrounds, which includes myself.

Jim Ball neither told us in which part of Qur-an it is written, nor did he apologise for his ill-motivated and deliberate misquoting of Qur-an, which I believe is carefully calculated to incite against Muslims. Now his station manger is saying, “ …. I anticipate that there may be more than one interpretation of the content or meaning of those texts … “. Clearly, the station manager is supporting Jim Ball’s original stand with more anti-Islamic zeal. Yet, with extreme arrogance he did not bother to include one iota of evidence in support of his claim!

I therefore demand that the Radio 2UE and Jim Ball must quote the Qur-anic reference in support of their original and current claims. Failure to do so must attract a proper and meaningful deterrent from the ACMA.

The station manger also said, “I do not believe that Mr Ball's comments evoked such a strong reaction as hatred or contempt towards people of Muslim faith.” Again, it is not true.

Jim Ball has been using this trick to improve his ratings and to hurt Muslims and the Arabs for a long time. Upon request I will produce dozens of evidences in support of my claim. One school of thought also suggests that Jim Ball’s illegal and irrational anti-Muslim and anti-Arab style and his ability to get away with murder is one of the reasons behind hiring him by the radio 2UE in the first place. Please remember, the 2UE is the lowest ranking station now. You see Jim Ball’s counter broadcaster Stuart Boking used to work in Jim’s current slot. Poor Stuart used to receive phone calls and at the same time he used to talk on air unlike Jim Ball while he used to work in the 2GB! Jim Ball used to have all of the support team. Surprisingly, when Jim Ball joined at the 2UE, he found the support team unlike poor Stuart Boking who is much more professional, dedicated and decent than Jim Ball!

Obviously, all of the above suggest, Jim Ball is a favored person with an agenda! I am sure a proper inquiry can reveal those agenda items.

Point of Contention # 2

The station manger also said, “However, it certainly was not the aim of the program to incite hatred against Muslims or to generate disrespect towards the Muslim faith”. This statement is a blatant lie. I know for sure, Jim Ball have been inciting against the Muslims and Arabs for a long time. Again, I am willing to provide Jim Ball hate files for a proper examination.

Point of Contention # 3

The station manager wrote, “I cannot see how it could reflect badly on Muslims even if they did ask Bob Hawke to prevent Australian soldiers from wearing uniforms at home”. Really?! Is it true? Are you telling me that this false quote is not sufficient enough to incite against the Arabs and Muslims?

Point of Contention # 4

The 2UE station manager wrote, “If for example you are listening to Mr Ball's program and disagree with any of the sentiments expressed on air, I encourage you to call in to express a differing point of view". It is a proven lie! Jim Ball of 2UE or even formerly 2GB hardly provide air time to any dissenting voice. Manufacturing consent and opinion to incite against the Aboriginals, Arabs, Muslims and migrants is a Jim Ball trade mark. Generally speaking, after his deliberate and often prejudiced presentation, I have not heard many opposing views in Jim’s program.

In my case, Jim used to praise me. Even he said on air that his wife like my view points. However, since I went on to expose many Israeli wrong doings, he turned against me and Jim stopped giving me air time all together. Jim Ball has presented many false and fabricated version of Arab/Palestine conflict. Like a few people, I have attempted to correct him on those issues but he refused to give me any chance. Ironically, he gave me the right to call him “Mother Fucker” instead of debating with me!

Point of Contention # 5

“Unfortunately, time constraints do not allow us to put every caller to air. Radio 2UE endeavours to give as many listeners as possible the opportunity to express their views to a radio audience” of the 2UE manager is far from the truth. In many occasions the 2UE airtime was unused and some good people that I know managed to ring Jim Ball and they politely told him to tone down his rhetoric. Jim did cut them off instead of debating with them seriously. Upon requirement many of them are willing to testify to clear the air in this regard.
Point of Contention # 6

Again “It was never Mr Ball's intention to offend anyone of any race or religion” is a total lie. Jim Ball has been insulting Aboriginals, Arabs, Muslims and migrants with his famous (or infamous?) tricks and techniques. His websites are even worse! A careful examination of his webs will reveal more of his prejudice and bigotry. Even the famous Media Watch of the ABC is sick and tired of the Jim Ball filth!

Point of Contention # 7

“After careful review of the Broadcast, I feel sure that there was not a breach of the Code.” is nothing but a slap in the face of fairness, justice, decency, commonsense and any law I can think of including the, “…a broadcast that constitutes religious vilification within the meaning of the Code.”

Point of Contention # 8

“Radio 2UE endeavours to give as many listeners as possible the opportunity to express their views to a radio audience …” written by the 2UE Station Manager! It is unbelievable and untrue!!

I have been talking to Mr. John Carr of 2UE for a long time. I find him a reasonable person too. Since I made this complaint, Sunday morning, 20th of September 2009 (or may be the day before) I made a few attempts to talk to him. Three of my mobile calls were rejected, three more of my calls were put on hold to cost me money and the seventh one was responded with a laughter by a person (may be known to me) by saying, “Faruque I‘ll call you back if I can”. Eventually no one called me on that night! I am sure John won’t do this to me or many 2UE staffs won’t practice this type of cruelty unless they are instructed or forced by people in the higher echelon of that organisation.

I am sure, a proper Inquiry is the only way to go forward and I request you to do so at your earliest convenience. Should you require any further materials in this regard please feel free to call or write to me at your earliest opportunity.

With thanks.

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed